Fancial 26-Inch 21-Speed Aluminum Alloy, Front And Rear Disc Brake Mountain Bike

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Important Information

 Metal, plastic, other
1380 x 720 x 220 mm

 26-Inch 21-Speed ​​Aluminum Alloy, Front And Rear Disc Brake Mountain Bike

Product description:

  • [High performance and high quality] The aluminum alloy mountain bike frame is light in weight,with comfortable shock absorption performance, bringing smooth cruising and relaxing riding experience.
  • [Excellent braking system] The 21-speed speed allows you to adapt to the terrain for uphill, downhill riding or pure acceleration, while the front and rear disc brakes provide additional braking power.
  • [Adjustable seat cushion] The padded ATB saddle is sewn for durability and quality; the alloy quick release device makes it easy to adjust the height of the seat.
  • [A wide range of suitable venues] 26-inch tires provide extra grip and stability on roads or small roads, suitable for mountain roads, highways, and muddy trails.
  • [Reliable safety and handling ability]: The front and rear disc brakes can help the rider maintain safety even at high speeds and low ground.

Accessories introduction:

  • F/derailleur: Shimanos TZ-30
  • R/derailleur: Shimanos TZ-500
  • Shifter: Shimanos 51-7
  • Freewheel: 7 tower wheels
  • Handlebar/Handlebar: Straight handle, four-screw alloy rod
  • Brake/Brake lever: Double aluminum disc brake/Mountain bike brake level
  • Tires: spoke wheel
  • Rim: Aluminum alloy rim
  • Saddle: Mountain bike saddle
  • Pedal: non-slip resin pedal
  • Double 160mm disc brakes
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Body material: Aluminum alloy
  • Wheel size: 26 inches
  • Braking method: cable pull disc brake
  • Speed ​​number: 21 speed
  • Suspension type: front

Product parameters:

  • Color: Blue
  • Gross weight: 19.6KG/43.1LB
  • Net weight: 16.6KG/36.5LB
  • Product packaging size: 138x72x22cm/55.2x28.8x8.8in
  • Handlebar height from the ground: 95cm/38in
  • Body length: 170cm/68in
  • Height of seat cushion from the ground: 79-94cm/31-37in
  • Applicable height: 160-185cm/64-74in

Products include:

  • 1x Mountain bike
  • 1x Mounting screw pack
  • 1x English manual

Suggested reminder:

1. Applicable height range: 160-185cm/64-74in

2. 85% of the bike has been assembled when it arrives. You need to install the front wheels, pedals, handlebars, seats and inflate the tires. We do not provide any online payment or free bicycle assembly services.

3. The bicycle installation instructions are included in the package, please read carefully before installing the bicycle and adjusting the brake and speed system.

4.. All tools are included in the package, no additional tools.

5. When traveling, please wear a helmet consciously (not included).

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