Fancial Replacement Toothbrush Heads ,2 Pack Professional Electric Toothbrush Heads Brush Heads Refill for U391/SN-P1/SNK01/ SN903U/SN303/SN302/SN301

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Package includes 2 genuine Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads

Bristles help keep your brush clean up to three months Inhabits that may affect the bristles. Always clean thoroughly after use

Fancial toothbrush heads provide floss-like cleaning effect, for healthier gums, but not a replacement for flossing

Fancial Bristles loosen plaque between teeth

Compatible U391/SN-P1/SNK01/ SN903U/SN303/SN302/SN301 Electric Toothbrush

Length 13
Width 7.5
Height 2.5
Length unit Centimeter
Net weight 0.05
Weight unit Kilogram
Warehouse China
Brand ST903
Стоимость доставки
Расположение магазина Guangdong, China
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