Fancial Handle Mirror Reflector Sports Car Rearvie CNC All Aluminum

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300 x 240 x 60 mm

Product Information:
Product Name: Motorcycle Rearview Mirror, Modified Mirror, Handlebar Mirror, Rearview Mirror, Sports Car Rearview Mirror, Harley Rearview Mirror, CNC All Aluminum
Product mirror: blue convex mirror, glass mirror 8.1CM
Product material: CNC all aluminum alloy
Features: anti-glare glass
Product color: black, silver
Product weight: 0.72KG
Product packaging size: 30CM*23.5CM*6CM
Suitable for inner diameter: 13-14MM (thick-walled handlebars) and 17-19MM (conventional handlebars), the direction of the handlebar diameter is 8.1CM, the surface is 8.8CM

Packing List:
Motorcycle rearview mirror x1

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