Fancial Helmet light bar

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545 x 67 x 20 mm

Product name: EL helmet light bar
Product features: high brightness at night, waterproof and resistant to high and low temperatures
Accessories: four light-emitting strips/3V driver/- double connector cable/one meter extension cable/two stickers
Drive: 3V drive, using two AA batteries, function: always on/slow flashing/fast flashing
Single set specifications: OPP bag packaging, 54.5*6.7cm,

FG-PDC USB rechargeable helmet light bar
Product accessories: four light bars/5V driver/USB charging cable/three connecting lines/two stickers
Product features: ten luminous colors, high-brightness cold light film, three luminous effects (constant light/slow flash/fast flash)
Product packaging: OPP bag packaging
Note: This product is a luminous accessory, does not include a helmet

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