Fancial Funny Fidget Chain Anti Stress Toy for Adult Bike Chain Fidget Bracelet Puzzle Educational Toys (CJWJWJYZ09349)

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300 x 80 x 60 mm
300 x 80 x 20 mm

Made of high quality plastic material.
Keep your hand busy for hours. It easily slides over the average finger allowing you to twist it around without thought.
Could morph it in to various shapes in a fluid movement when it's off your finger. Simple yet entertaining.
These fidget toys for adults are small and silent to be fidgeted with inside pockets or out in any setting.
Definitely good for office fidgeters and students or kids in school.


Material: plastic
Random Color Delivery
Size: about 54.5 * 1 * 1cm

Warehouse China
Brand Fancial
ショップの場所 Guangdong, China
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