Fancial Mountain Bike Nylon Fiber Pedal Bicycle Bearing Pairin

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Important Information

140 x 130 x 40 mm


Scudgood SG 2015-12B Mountain Bike Nylon Fiber Pedal Bicycle Bearings Piling Pedal Anti-skid


Material: nylon fiber
Colors: SG 2015-12B on black,SG 2015-12B on red,SG 2015-12B on blue,SG 2015-12B on orange
Material: Metal
Source category: Spot
Processing customization: Yes
Inventory type: Whole order
Inventory or not: Yes
Applicable gender: Male, female
Imported or not: No

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Heure de livraison 7-15 Days
Emplacement de la boutique Guangdong, China
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