Fancial Garden automatic watering accessories adjustable atomizer

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Important Information

300 x 200 x 30 mm

Accessories (requires DIY combination)

Product Name: Adjustable and turn off atomizing micro spray set

Set details: (distributed parts, self-assembled) one for four or six points (for ordinary washing machine faucets), one capillary quick connector, 4/7 capillary 10 meters, adjustable 10 single outlet atomizing nozzles. Buy and send: 10 thin straps for fixing pipes or nozzles. If the home is a flat faucet, you can add a faucet connector (sold separately, not included in the package).


Product Description: The nozzle has a very good atomization effect, and the range is large. It can also be adjusted to a thin water line, which will become a light rain effect when it is sprayed from the air. If a nozzle does not want to work, it can also be closed separately, saving a capillary valve, suitable for family flowering, garden cooling, is a very good gardening irrigation supplies. The product is a new and improved product, and the nozzle cap is made of a new material thickened material, which is more beautiful and durable.

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