Disney Official Licenced Inline Skate Combo set DCB21680-Q8

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1 pair shoes, 1 helmet, 6pcs protector set
Frame: PP
Buckle: Alumium
Lining: Eva
Bearing: ABEC-7 Carbon steel
Truck: Plastic, Intergrated
#29-33 Wheel: PU flashing wheels,1st and 4th wheel 64*24mm, 2nd and 3rd wheel 62*24mm
#34-38 Wheel: PU flashing wheels,1st and 4th wheel 72*24mm, 2nd and 3rd wheel 70*24mm
Max. Loading: 100kg
Feature: 2nd & 3rd wheels can be locked for beginners. 
2 mode for option. casual skate mode and professional mode. can switch 2nd and 3rd wheels with 1st and 4th wheels to change mode.
4  plastic plug for decoration.

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