Fancial Solar Street Led High Brightness Integrated Solar Outdoor Garden Light

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Important Information

550 x 175 x 60 mm

Product information:

1. Solar panel: 6 V
2. Battery: 3.7V 4000 -6000 mAh, 18650 lithium battery
3. LED: white light
4. Size: 55*37 cm/46.5*35.5 cm
5. LED color: white
6. Installation method: screw
7. Working mode: 3 different lighting modes
8. Material: ABS + PC plastic
9. Working hours: 5-24 hours can be worked
10. Switch: remote control
11. Waterprrof: IP66


Mode 1: Human body induction + light control. At night or in a dark area, when a human body is detected moving, the light will be turned on automatically and delayed for 20-25 seconds. When someone is out, the sensing range will be turned off at this time.
Mode 2: Dim light + human body induction + light control. When a person approaches about 3-5m, it will automatically turn on the low light at night, turn on the strong light for 20-25s, and then automatically return to the low light.
Method three: light control. It will automatically turn on at night or in dark areas, and automatically turn off in daytime or bright areas.

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Solar light x 1

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