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150 x 90 x 80 mm

1. Longer working hours and easy installation.
2. A unique solution for landscape and outdoor lighting powered by solar energy.
3. Transparent plastic lenses provide beautiful light effects on the floor, and the shapes and classic materials make your garden beautiful at night.
4. The sunshine of this resin owl will be a beautiful supplement to your garden layout.
5. The wrought iron owl statue will be a lively decoration during the day, and it will shine with heat and light at night.
6. The solar panel charges the rechargeable battery, and then once the smart light sensor detects that the sunset has fallen, you can turn on the LED.

Solar panel: 2v 80mA polysilicon
Lighting time: 6-8h in a fully charged state
LED specifications: 1 high-brightness led light
Battery: 1.2v 600mAh AAA
Working mode: always on for 6-8 hours/light control induction
Product color: white
Material: Resin PP
Charging time: 6-8h in full sun
Light color: warm white light
Size information:
Product size: 13* 7* 42.5cm

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